Mateca Productions was founded in 1987 by Teresa Caro Ottens. Since then, the company has presented, organized and curated multiple art and music events, such as Mercedes Sosa, Mayra Caridad Valdés, NG La Banda and Adrián Iaies, etc. Always committed to promote the works of Canadian and International artists. As part of the portfolio, Mateca Productions has also been the consultant to some Canadian companies working with Latin America in the fields of Culture, Tourism & Aviation. Mateca has a knack for coordinating challenging projects, being the right hand for some Latin American Airlines over the years, finding different venues to promote sales, emphasizing cultural events, thus creating a weave of cross promotions. She is currently working, with her own team, in the production of a new form of art festival to promote Latin American culture. Additional, Mateca offers event planning services covering all the production aspects, advertising, design, catering and performances.

Teresa Caro Ottens, our President

Teresa Caro Ottens, President of Mateca Productions Inc.Producer, Artist & Event Planner. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her early twenties, Mateca started her career traveling and working in Latin America, representing a Dutch Company, Raptim Transport Services. Lived in Argentina, Thailand, The Netherlands, Venezuela, Italy and settled in Canada in 1985. See Teresa’s profile.


Mateca Productions Inc. is committed to support music, performance and visual arts. It has always been our aim to build strong cultural bridges that support the diversity of our society, transforming and impacting our audiences through knowledge and respect of each other’s culture. Artists have a catalytic effect, they are the hidden persuaders and those who reach the masses, foreseeing issues with more clarity. Their power is infinite. Art gives purpose to our lives, and a new dimension to our experiences. It is the perfect fit to get to a new level that is beneficial to our core. Our intellect is constantly challenged through creativity and it drives us with a different force finding the most profound feelings within ourselves. Time and space is ours and as global citizens we feel we can make formal visual statements that compel us to live our lives with intensity and constant personal development. The trans-formative power of the arts connects us. The passion inside us surfaces through the execution of work and allows precious and untouchable moments of intimacy with ourselves. It compels us to create a better world and a space that others like to visit. The inspiration of many, builds great cities that become magnets for visitors around the world. This is a celebration of creative practices. Inspiration is a joy to the soul and we hope to impact our audience, leading the way to a very exciting path. Keeping high standards, including multi-arts projects, and giving equal chance to emerging artists. Above all, to contribute showing the riches of our culture to a vibrant Toronto audience.